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Welcome to 2020!

Season 2020 is finally here and it all starts at the Bok tomorrow for our first training session of the year. Please look to arrive at 1:15 pm as our coaches will start the session at 1:30 pm sharp.

If you would like to pay your membership please look out for Juhn and Jess who will be collecting the cash. The cost of membership this year is 450RM for men and 350RM for women. 

Last week we hosted the Warriors AGM and appointed our committee members for 2020. For a full list of roles please refer to the below image. Thank you to all who have volunteered (or were volunteered without their knowledge) for a committee position. Our club continues to grow and thrive because of your collective efforts.

The committee has been working behind the scenes to ensure season 2020 is our biggest and best yet and we have a lot of good stuff coming up in February including: 

February 8th - 'The Brendan Chatham Cup'

From this year onward the International Rules series played between the Malaysian Warriors and Orang Eire Gaelic will be known as the Brendan Chatham Cup. Beej represented and united both of our clubs and was loved by all as a friend and teammate. Naming the cup after Beej is a small gesture that ensures his name will always be attached to both clubs. I want to thank Beej's parents who have volunteered to sponsor the trophy for the cup which will be presented to the winning team at the end of the 3 game series. Game 1 will take place at ISKL on the 8th of February with the venue booked out from 1pm - 3pm. An after-match function and season launch will also be organised for Havana. Please follow your team WhatsApp chats for more details. 

15th of February - Golf Day to Support MND Malaysia

Last year Beej introduced the Warriors to the MND Malaysia charity. His father suffers from the condition so the charity held extra special significance for him. If it was important to Beej then it is important to us and we will be pleased to continue the affiliation and fundraising efforts to help fight MND. 100% of the profits from the day will go to the charity Niamh will be hitting the ceremonial first tee shot to get the day started!

For full details of the golf please refer to this flyer and look to enter your team by next week at the latest. The club is arranging buses to and from KL so everyone can have a good time and a few drinks without having to worry about transport. 

We have established the hashtag #BrendanChathamForever. If you do post any photos on social media from the Brendan Chatham Cup or the MND Golf Day please do use this hashtag so that his family and friends can see the pictures of the events organised in his honor. 

Looking ahead to March the men's team will head to the Phuket as the defending champions of the Phuket Masters where we look to go back to back.

On the 21st of March, the Warrior Men and Women will head to Phnom Penh where we take on Cambodia in our first regular-season fixture of the year. 

The remainder of the calendar is planned as per the image. However, a couple of the dates in the latter part of the season are subject to change.

The Junior Warriors (led by Matt and Lou Hyland) will start training on March 7th at AISM and if you have a child or know of anyone looking to join, please register here

Lastly, the Warriors will again be running a tipping comp for the AFL season. This will be headed by The Glew. He will contact you all with registration details shortly. 

Lots to look forward to and it all starts tomorrow at the Bok. 

Let's get it!  Rylo. 

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