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Like the smell of freshly cut grass, the buzz of the Victa lawnmowers...(well in Malaysia a foreign worker with a whipper snipper) can only mean one thing - Footy Finals!!!

It's well and truly here with the GF only 10 days, this year serving as a warm up act the main event - 2018 AFL Asain Championships, right here in KL. Let's have a look at the next few weeks:

This Saturday Sept 22nd we take on the Irish in the 3rd and final International Rules match for 2018. Here's the location - This is the last match we have before Champs and an absolute necessity for anyone who wants have a run and get some proper match fitness. After the match we have Havana booked for the celebrations and the AFL Preliminary Final at 5 pm, 7pm if you're not interested in AFL. Boat races start at 8pm. We're going to amend the normal playing format and instead play Champs style 2 x 12 minute halves, here's the format:


12pm mens game (comp rules)

12.30 women's game (AFL)

1pm mens game (comp rules)

1.30pm womens game (Gaelic)

2pm mens game (AFL)

2.30pm womens game (AFL or Gaelic)

The AFL Grand Final is looming, Saturday September 29th....Tigers or Pies versus WCE or Demons??? Havana is shaping up to be huge once again! 2 key tasks we all need to focus on NOW!

Promote the begeezus out of the day using the attached flyer. Friends, former friends, neighbours, colleagues, relatives, ex-relatives, people in the street, domestic name it - we want them on board for GF day at Havana!

The biggest raffle in Malaysia is a feature of the day - Jimmy 2.0 and KFSLM are the official Raffle Managers and NEED YOU HELP to donate raffle prizes.

Please click here to note what you're donating on the day:

Asian Champs 2018 - Saturday October 13th

There is an absolute mountain of work being done by the Organizing Committee - we are determined to host the best champs ever and that means we are flat knacker. What we now need is some volunteers to help out on the day. From the Champs organizing Committee:

Please let us know if you (not playing) your partner, family in town, helpful work colleagues or friends that would be able to help out in someway on the day. There are so many different roles that they can be involved in, whether its selling merchandise, beer bar, being scorer of a set field, only to name a few. There so many more little jobs that need help from others. Please get in touch with us if you have someone that can help out. Thank from Champs committee!

There you have it.

*Don't forget the annual Best & Fairest End of Season Function is on Saturday November 10th. Make sure that's in the diary.

Prez DIg.

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