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Warrior Women WIN!

Massive shout out to the Malaysian Warrior Women - Australian Rules Football Club who have just won the Indo China Cup!!!

From the Warriors Women:

Indo China Cup Champions 2018! 🙌🏼 Step 2.5 ✔️

What a weekend in Phnom Penh! Thank you so much to Cambodian Apsaras AFLW Team for inviting us to join them and The Vietnam Swans for a mini tournament.. it was a brilliant day of footy! Heading over with a squad of 12 to play 14 a side, our numbers were boosted by the help of 4 amazing Apsara players Leang, Michelle, Ava, Hani and the star Vietnam lady Swan Naomi! Thanks ladies! 👏🏼 How good is footy in Asia!? Love the support that everyone gives to each other!

Step 3: Champs, 6 weeks to go!

-More photos and game reports to follow.

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