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AFL is broadcast into the Asia Pacific region by Australia Network. In Malaysia Australia Network is re-broadcast through the paytv provider, Astro, on channel 521. The schedule for broadcast games can be found at

While most bars and hotels will have Astro not all will have Australia network (521) as this is not a designated sport channel but if you ask the staff to change the channel to Australia Network they will generally be accomodating ... unless a big soccer game is on at the same time and they have patrons.

The warriors are sponsored by Havana Bar and the Magnificent Fish and Chip shop both on Changkat Bukit Bintang in the golden triangle (tourist shopping and hotel area) and they are more than happy to put on the AFL (if it isn't already on).

Havana Bar
Magnificent Fish and Chip Shop

Note: Havana Bar can also be found by searching for Malaysian Warriors Bar on google maps. It you want to find out where the Warrior's are going to be watching the footy for any given week then you will need to sign up for the social emails. There is alot of "interesting/weird" communication that comes through this list but it does include social organization also.

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AFL On-Line

You may also subscribe to online streaming of games and highlights through This will cost around AUD$100 for 1 year subscription and may be dependant on geographic location - so not available to all?

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