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Saturday Training - Desa Parkcity 1pm - 3pm

NewsSaturday Training - Desa Parkcity 1pm - 3pm.

Excellent session last week as we played an hour game with 10 a side. Thanks for turning up and making it possible. Note the Tuesday session below is regular now and will be part of the lead up to the champs. To encourage your attendance, we willrecord names on Tuesday. Those that attend are allowed to bring water a shirt, hat and sunscreen to the Saturday session at 1pm.

Tuesday Training – KLCC park, 7pm.

Rixy, CCd in, has emailed for training “at KLCC park, drinking fountain oppositeTraders Hotel. 7:00pm. We may have a few issues with the Gas Conferencebut we’ll adapt. Next week, jungle running at Bukit Nanas (under KL tower) andsome light AFL lanework. Thanks to Paps for the heads up.”

Also email milly if you need your social shirt anddetail your size.

16th June - 3rd International rules (in KL)
23rd June - Singapore Wombats tour KL (in KL)
11th August - Asian Champs - Bangkok (In Bangkok)
1st September - Warriors Tour Macau (in Macua)

2012 Manila 10's Tournament Report

Match Reports
Match Report as follows from Wushi

Anyone who knows me well knows that I couldn't remember what I had for
breakfast, let alone names and football stats, but here's the
Tournament report all the same.

In the searing Manilla heat, the recently Mighty Malaysian Warriors
lined up on the somewhat short turf to take on the world (yes, the
world) in the PAFL Manilla Tournament. Ten men a side were to man the
pitch, and the scene was set for a cracker of a day.

The first round saw the Warriors line up to take on the strong home
side of the Philippine Sea Eagles. Having already played their first
match, the Eagles were expected to have their team structure sorted,
and be in good form. Fortunately that wasn't the case, as Woosha
kicked the opening goal, highlighting quite clearly that this was
bound to be a special day. It was at this stage that various
explanations were entered into with the umpiring staff. Most of the
players were of the opinion that although too much of anything is a
bad thing, it wouldn't hurt to put whistle to mouth from time to time.
The umpires disagreed, much to the authors despondence, but soon it
didn't matter much as goals by Eggsy, Flanna(probably), and someone
else (not me) had the Warriors up by three points when the final siren
Warriors 4 3 27
Eagles 4 0 24

Manila 10's - Warrior's bring home the cup!!

Match ReportsI am sure a more detailed match report will follow but the results of the games are as follows ...

Manila 10s

Game 1
Warriors 4-3-27
Eagles 4-0-24

Game 2
Warriors 5-5-35

Bintangs 2-0-12

Game 3
Warriors 3-3-21
Hong Kong 4-1-25

Game 4
Warriors 3-6-24

Singapore 3-2-20

Grand final
Warriors 7-4-46

Singapore 4-0-24

Week 19 update


Training at Desa Park, be there by 1pm. the climb to the manila tournament begins. So get some kms on the legs during the week.

First win in the new look warriors for 2012, tight jerseys meant we looked good scoring 62 to 29. Great turn out with 20 blokes showing up. Last quarter 12 points to 1 point. Proud to be associated. Match report to come.

Congratulations to young alex earning the best on ground for the warriors. Special mention to paps as well who was BOG in Singapore. Unfortunately he couldn't make the game as he took his new girlfriend for a hair appointment. Gatherer he is. Warrior he is not.

19th May - Training as usual at desa park city ground, times to be confirmed, assume between 12pm / 2pm
26th May - Warriors Tour Manila 10s, Tournament with 6 other teams (in Manila)
16th June - 3rd International rules (in KL)
23rd June - Singapore Wombats tour KL (in KL)
11th August - Asian Champs - Bangkok (In Bangkok)
1st September - Warriors Tour Macau (in Macua)

Fire up Warriors,

Malaysian Warriors

Weekly Update


Training this weekend at Desa Parkcity, 1pm start, Desa Parkcity Field - Google Maps Link.


Wed 18th April, 6pm at the national stadium (Kinrara) under lights. Andy lee is organising the cricket game and is chasing another 5 cricket players, crap or not, come play. ( +60122119082)


This Saturday Night at Havana from 5.30.... Make sure you bring your partner, friends dogs & cats and be there! Cracking game of footy, first barrel of beer on the club and some wine for the ladies - Don't forget a signed WC Eagles Jersey up for auction as well as the chance to bid on your preferred playing number. Any questions get in touch with Milly

Tours - We have a tour to Singapore later this month followed by Manila a month later. Read Phil's email and get back to him ASAP.

Important Dates
28th April - Warriors tour Singapore
5th May - International Rules - Game 2 Vs Orang Eire
26th May - Manila 12s Tournament - Start booking flights

Training - 14th April 2012


Training this weekend at Desa Parkcity, 12pm start, Desa Parkcity Field - Map in previous news article.

A big thanks to those who made it out on saturday for training, the mixed games at the end were a great success. We will be training with the AFL ball this weekend and every weekend as always. However at the end of the training session, the opportunity to have a competitive game with a combined warriors and orang eire population means that the standard of the game rises, and so does the standard of players (blanket statement, applies to a select few only)

The Singapore Anzac tour, 28th of April, will be the main focus for training over the next few weeks. Singapore in Singapore is a big task, we haven't won in the last five years. There was a plan to take a bus but talking to the team it's a mixed bad with some heading down for work, some taking the wife down, some thinking of staying two nights and others one night. So bus is to much of a head ache. Will update the details of the day later. i will book 10 beds next to the anzac after match function. Will increase from 10 beds as confirmed players increase. So if your not with your wife your staying in one of these beds!

Philippines 'Manila 12's Tournament' tour confirmed for the 26th of May. Look at booking flights in advance to save a buck. Make sure you go for friday arrival and return late Sunday (tournament starts at 8am Saturday morning) options from KL are Cebu Pacific & Air Asia into manila, (note Air Asia may still fly into Clarke which is a few hours out of manila)

Important Dates

18th April - Cricket - Warriors Vs Kelewar - Email andy lee if keen (
21st April - Warriors Jersey Auction (
28th April - Warriors tour Singapore
5th May - International Rules - Game 2 Vs Orang Eire
26th May - Manila 12s Tournament - Start booking flights.

Training - 7th April 2012


Training this weekend at Desa Parkcity, time is not confirmed by likely to be a 1pm start at, Desa Parkcity Field -

View Larger Map

By all accounts Cambodia Tour was as good as watching black cavier in the group 1's. So a big thanks from the club to snakes for managing the whole tour, Match Report from Rixy below who also took on the coaching role for the day;

Important Dates

18th April - Cricket - Warriors Vs Kelewar - Email andy lee if keen (
21st April - Warriors Jersey Auction
28th April - Warriors tour Singapore ( we will get a bus down)
5th May - International Rules - Game 2 Vs Orang Eire
26th May - Manila 12s Tournament - Start booking flights.

Cambodia Tour - Match Report

Match Reports----------------------------------------

Match Report - Thanks Rixy,


Amazing effort for a multi national warriors team. 2 young Malaysian boys, 2 pommies, an Irish dude and a New Zealander. We had a convincing win in the boat race with some of our new recruits showing talent! Not a bad effort considering we had 17 players plus two recruits from the other team - two had never played a game of football before (one of those, Mikey the Kiwi, kicked a goal with his first kick). They had a bench of around 6 plus were the only team I have seen with more sponsorship deals than players. I heard a whisper that they are considering making long sleeves mandatory just to increase the sail area for corporate logos.

Warriors tackling and head over the ball was sensational and showed with our contested possession count. Marcus, Jimmy W + Paps all would have had 3 holding ball decisions their way each.
A couple of RFI's were to structuring at stoppages (we tended to leave it all to Snakes and Paps) and generally positioning around the ground.

- Symo sensational spoiling down back amid a lot of ball coming in;
- Coombsey pretty much dominating; marking, ruck taps to advantage, some of the biggest tackles I've ever seen + a bit of biff. Brilliant;
- Snakes and Paps very handy in midfield, combining well with Shane to get some nice stoppage wins from Coombes' deft taps. Didn't leave the midfield all day. Absolutely ran their guts out. Inspirational; and
- Buma playing loose man across half back in last quarter courageously marked everything and probably saved the game from a ten goal blowout (at least).

Boys were solid at the aftermatch brewery, lifted at Memphis and really laid down the gauntlet at Pontoons via selfless protection of the corner bar, aggressive dancefloor moves.

I'd get a new coach though. He was rubbish. Rixy.


Game #1 - Cricket - Warriors Vs Kelewar

The Warriors will once again be battling the might of the Kelewar Cricket Club for the Boleh Cup this year with the series set to be a best of 3.

When: 18-April-2012
Where: Kinrara (under lights)

If you are interested in pulling on the whites and representing the Warriors please contact Andy Lee.

Jersey Auction - 21st April 2012

NewsAdd it to your calendar as it will be a great night in at Havana with sponsors and supporters joining the players for a social night.

Players (and supporters/sponsors) will be bidding to purchase their own Warrior jumpers and bidding may get intense with popular numbers and jumper sizes.

there will also be a WCE jumper signed by the entire 2011 team so if you are a fan of the eagles, or AFL, this would be a fantastic addition to your collection.

When: 21-Apr-2012
Where: Havana

The club will also be putting on a keg for the boys and a few bottles of wine for the ladies ... just to kick start your night.

Presidents Update


Cambodgee tour this week, ensure you tell snakes (CC'd in) all the required insurance details, Snakes will follow up with all the tour details. I don't have the touring list handy but it's full of the best bunch of blokes in KL. Those that aren't going aren't worth knowing. Still time to book so go to and book Friday arvo to sunday arvo then send snakes your dates

Make sure the jersey auction is in your calendar no the 21st April, we have our sponsors confirmed so you all have to come now, or you won't be allowed to wear the jersey, Also we have a west coast eagles jersey signed by the 2011 team up for auction thanks to Dan Creer who is coming back to KL!

Sadly the arrival of Dan will be at the cost of Paul Harrap (aka Harry, Big H, Halo) a senior of the club in so many walks of life. It's going to be a big cost to the club for functions, games, and friendships when Harry and Yoges leave Malaysia. But the French AFL team will be elated when they see him walk into immigration. A quick note that Harry will be selling his "2004, V6 Holden Commodore Calais with all it's specs for 32 K myr with 12 months registration… available June. Also selling the family Wagon. No Tyre kickers!" "Harrap\, Paul "

Ben Simpson

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