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International Rules Game #4 - ISKL 3pm Kick Off

NewsThe 4th international rules versus the malaysian gaelic team will take
place at the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) at 3pm this
week try to get there by 2ish (alice smith has ground renovations for

Saturday Training - COBRA CLUB - 3.00pm kick off

NewsWe will begin with some fitness and ball work and finish off with
sport of some description,

International Rules 2010 Match 2

Match ReportsMalaysian Warriors edge out the Orang ╔ire in a close fought battle in the 2nd match of the Malaysian international rules series.

Write up provided by Orang ╔ire.

Intra-club Match 2: Alice Smith, 10th April 2010

Match ReportsThe 2nd Warriors' intra-club match took place under perfect weather conditions, albeit in a pitch still hung-over from the previous night's torrential binge. Several clashes in schedules meant a depleted line-up of players that ended up making the game a rather interesting Aussie Rules 7s. Warriors captain Ben Simpson called the toss right and went with the wind, predicted at possibly giving a one-goal advantage.

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