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Warriors Award Night 2012

Warriors in the News 2012

Jubilation as Warriors Wallop Wombats- Malaysian Warriors Take Out Manila Cup

The Malaysian Warriors at the fourth attempt have taken out the Manila Cup with a 22-point Grand Final win over the Singapore Wombats. Grand Final Malaysian Warriors 7-5 (47) d Singapore Wombats 4-1 (25)

Warriors aiming for a quadrella


After winning their very first piece of silverware ever, in taking out the Manila Cup in June, the Malaysian Warriors have again defeated Singapore Wombats to win the Changi Cup and also the Finnegans Cup and are bringing to Pattaya, what veteran Warriors believe is their strongest contingent yet to the Asian Championships this year.

Asian Champs 2012

Match Reports

Malaysian Warriors
Asian Championships 2012
Royal Polo Grounds, Pattaya, Thailand

Game 1 v Laos
5-5 (35) to 1-0 (6)
Best Players: Ben Simpson, Jason Flanagan, Glen Sargeant, Anthony Papalia, Michael Rix, Marcus Coombes
Goal Kickers: Jason Flanagan 3, Glen Sargeant 2

Game 2 v Singapore
2-2 (14) to 1-3 (9)
Best Players: Michael Rix, Jason Mosel, Clint Watts, Stuart Job, Glen Sargeant, Marcus Coombes, James Wardrop
Goal Kickers: Marcus Coombes 1, Mark Scheide 1

Game 3 v Thailand
5-4 (34) to 1-0 (6)
Best Players: Mark Scheide, Michael Rix, Marcus Coombes, Ben Simpson, Jason Winter, Adam Kamisnski
Goal Kickers: Mark Scheide, Alex McLaws, Marcus Coombes, Adrian Keet, Shaun Gregorio

Game 4 v Vietnam
2.0 (12) to 2.1 (13)
Best Players: Clint Watts, Adam Kaminski, Stuart Job, Michael Rix, Jason Mosel, Marcus Coombes
Goal Kickers: Clint Watts, Chris Thorpe

Second Semi Final v Jakarta
2.2 (14) to 2.4 (16)
Best Players: Clint Watts, Michael Rix, Jason Mosel, Glen Sargeant, Ben Simpson, Adam Kaminski
Goal Kickers: Glen Sargeant, Ben Simpson

All Asian Selections:
Michael Rix, Jason Mosel, Clint Watts

Historic Asian Championships for the Malaysian Warriors Australian Rules Football Club: three wins and two losses (by one point and two points!). Huge commitment and passion exhibited by all players. Great camaraderie on and off the field…as ever.

Get to Training


Tuesday Training – 5:30pm at Padang Merbok
Saturday Training – 2pm at Cobra

Saturday Session. This is still the main training session we want every warrior to attend. Great turn out from all accounts in the last few weeks, the coach has been praising the commitment on the field. As you may know Rixy is leaving to the fertile soils of the niger delta and is having beers at his place then out after (find out more at training).

Tuesday Session. We have led into the champs with a “kick in the park” session in the last few years. It’s a solid skills building session. Try to get out of the office by 5:30 to get to the bok as the traffic will build up after 6pm (Ramadan = Jam squared). Note there will be a few of us there at 5:30 who will be kicking until the dark, so even you turn up after 6pm (because you worked late because your important) there is still time to get in a few goals. Richmond supporters please try to get there before 6pm to practice fetching the balls kicked at goals.

Champs Details. Snakes is booking the rooms for the champs this week, check your details on the attached as we are booking on his credit card, so if you don’t turn up you still need you to pay for it. Regretfully we have resorted to Indian debt collectors before which leaves players ostracised from the club. As we all know a forward with no fingers is as good as a back with only one foot

Training 28-Jul-12


A reasonable turn out to Saturday's training but still many faces missing!

Those who attended, well trained! Good voice and enthusiasm. We still need to improve our kicking to advantage to stop costly turn overs.

Some highlights of the training;

The battle between Big Marcus and Lethal Lee B. (emerging forward star v team of the century back man)
The battle of our designated big men of the day, Mike D'o and Gula (2 little blokes going toe to toe in the ruck)
And some classy displays from our young gun Alex

Training this week will again be at COBRA rugby grounds PJ, 2PM to 4PM.

Can everyone keep an eye out for the following missing people and get them to training;

"Where's Wally??" Jimmy Wardrop, M.I.A
Risky Rixy, last seen running lost through the jungles of Malaysia.
Hally and Sammy, team members from last year, reported to roaming the streets of KL again. Warning approach with caution considered armed and dangerous!
Ben "Eggs" Simpson, reported to be in high altitude training in Africa.
Adam "Snakes" K, reported to be locked away in the gym trying not to be the smallest man on the team.

Remember only 2 more training sessions to the Champs! Everyone be there!



About the Warriors - detail from ex Malaysian Footballer

Member PostsClub established mid 1992 by former Claremont star and WA State of Origin rep Rob Melville, SANFL player Phil Reid and Bendigo legend Gary Phair. All are copied on this email along with other early champs such as Terry Walker , Alan Stewart , Kevin Prosser, Mark Walker, Peter Young , Gordon Smale, Peter Hansford, Russell Withers and Tim Baldwin. The fact that we are still in contact 20 years later tells you how much fun we had!

First domestic game was Sept 1992 where Rob Melville led the Mi Casa Marauders to victory over the Phil Reid led John Holland Hulks. In the absence of a video camera, Melville got way with his attack on the defenceless Reid which turned the game.

First international was when we hosted Hong Kong in February 1993. The strategy of having our team mascot Collins take them out on the town the night before didn’t work and we were soundly beaten. Ian Kline coached Hong Kong and Alf Brown’s son Bruce was their captain.

First tour was to Singapore in July 1993 – another honorable defeat! Former Melbourne player John Begg was their captain coach ( also copied above).

Former North Melbourne reserves player Greg Masterton replaced Rob Melville as captain coach when Melville and Reid left. Then when Paul Keating’s recalcitrant comments upset Mahatir, half the Australian companies closed in KL and I took over until end 1994.

I think Alan Stewart took over from me?

Committee meetings were usually held at the house of President Phil Reid and were very popular! The minutes are still retained.

Leo Crohan

Training Update !!!


Unfortunately Desa Parkcity is not available for the next month due to renovation works.

Training this Saturday will back at our old training ground Cobra Club at PJ starting at 2PM.

As most players know the playing surface is not ideal, however it's the only option we have at present.

If anyone knows another venue locally in KL they can secure for the 2 weeks after this weekend please contact me.

Only 3 Saturday trainings left before the Champs so i expect everyone there!

For those who don't know cobra club; Lorong Utara Kecil, PJ just off federal highway. Behind the Armada Hotel, directly opposite (other side of Federal highway) the PJ Hilton.

And a couple of team building beers after at the bar!



Training Saturday 1-3pm, desa park city

Another message from Snakes ...


Training is on again, same time, same place, but we're looking for a much better turn up this week after an abysmal effort of 9 blokes on the track last Saturday. The Warriors have so far made 2012 their own, winning a record three cups and being better placed for an assault on the Champs than ever before. However, in order to have a real crack this year we need to put in the hard yards first. Last year the Warriors were confident with their squad, and played it pretty complacent on the training track and managed to come back to Malaysia with zero wins for the first ever time at an Asian Champs. We can't let this happen again. The word about the Warriors destroying the Wombats a couple of weeks ago has been spreading through the rest of Asian footy and we need to make sure that we live up to the reputation that we have been building this year. It is important for the team to play and train together in the lead up to the Champs and to be putting in the effort now, a month out from the tournament, to show how far we have come since this time last year.

Let's kick start the Asian Champs campaign in earnest this week and get some good numbers on the track for a solid session. If you can't make it, let the Coach know so we can plan accordingly. No excuses this close to the Champs, be there or be a right angled shape with equilateral sides.

Also, if you haven't yet, please send through your flights details so we can book accommodation accordingly.

On another note:

- Milly will be bringing the official Warriors training shorts this weekend, so we can all have the chance to look as good as I do in short shorts
- Get some fitness into you! Everyone should be striving for at least one extra running and gym session a week to get ready for the champs - it will be a lot harder than in Manila
Extra training sessions are being planned by Phil and details of these will be announced on Saturday
- The Irish are running their training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those who want a bit of extra match play and practice
- Congratulations to the Richmond Tigers for making it seven (7) wins this season, the first time in a few years that this has happened.

Snakes - out

Training Saturday at 1-3 pm, desa park

NewsSnakes says ....

Following on from a massive campaign so far this year we are now in official Asian Champs pre-build-up build-up phase. The first pre-season has been completed, several post-seasons have been held and the most recent pre-season should be just about to hit high gear, so get your arses down to Desa Park on Saturday at 1-3 pm to get your skills honed, fitness pumped and to qualify for warriors subsidies.

A couple of things to note:
Snakes is about to confirm the hotel and transport for the Asian Champs so you need to send through your arrival and departure dates. Anyone who doesnt send details will not be booked accommodation and will be left to their own devices
At the same time as nominating for the Champs, send through to Snakes whether you are IN or OUT for the trip to Macau in September

Everyone should be getting in a couple of extra runs a week and hitting the gym HARD, like Snakes
From all accounts Harry's do on the weekend was massive and a good night out and we wish him all the best for what's next, and look forward to seeing him again soon
Snakes is a champion

That is all, until I realise I forgot to include something in the email.

Malaysian Warriors Update

NewsMalaysian Warriors Update

In what has been the 'Golden 5 Weeks' for the Warriors was capped off on Saturday by putting our arch rivals Singapore the sword on Saturday to the tune of 72 point and taking home the Changi Cup for only the second time in 18 years.

As we prepare for the Asian Champs in early August we are in training mode for the next 4 weeks...

Saturday 30th June - Training at Desa Park City - 1 to 3pm
Saturday 6th July - Training at Desa Park City - 1 to 3pm

Contact email for more details


NewsChampion Warriors,

3rd International Rules this Saturday at Nexus Putrajaya. Kick off at 11am. Be there at 10am.

We are 2 games up in a 5 game series. Lets seal the win. I'll bring the cup. 1...2...3...

16th June - 3rd International rules (in KL)
23rd June - Singapore Wombats tour KL (in KL)
11th August - Asian Champs - Pattaya (Around 90min away from Bangkok)
1st September - Warriors Tour Macau (in Macua)

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