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Saturday Training - Desa Parkcity 1pm - 3pm

NewsSaturday Training - Desa Parkcity 1pm - 3pm.

Excellent session last week as we played an hour game with 10 a side. Thanks for turning up and making it possible. Note the Tuesday session below is regular now and will be part of the lead up to the champs. To encourage your attendance, we willrecord names on Tuesday. Those that attend are allowed to bring water a shirt, hat and sunscreen to the Saturday session at 1pm.

Tuesday Training – KLCC park, 7pm.

Rixy, CCd in, has emailed for training “at KLCC park, drinking fountain oppositeTraders Hotel. 7:00pm. We may have a few issues with the Gas Conferencebut we’ll adapt. Next week, jungle running at Bukit Nanas (under KL tower) andsome light AFL lanework. Thanks to Paps for the heads up.”

Also email milly if you need your social shirt anddetail your size.

16th June - 3rd International rules (in KL)
23rd June - Singapore Wombats tour KL (in KL)
11th August - Asian Champs - Bangkok (In Bangkok)
1st September - Warriors Tour Macau (in Macua)

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