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2010 Warriors Awards

NewsMWARFC Presentation Night 2010
Saturday 20 November
Correspondent: Hewy

The night of nights, the grandest of grandest, typified by the strict security enforcing the dress code: ‘pub attire’. As a culmination to the end of an enduring season, the Malaysian Warriors AFL Football Club held the annual presentation night on the 20th of November at the Cobra Club facilities adjoining the training field that put them in such good stead this year.
With a noted absence of WAGS and consequent dress faux pas’ and paparazzi contingent, bar Harbs, the presentation commenced in a serious fashion with catering by Spicy McSpiceSpice and refreshments thanks to our Mexican counterparts. After Flannagans Presidential speech reeling off some highlights of the year and thanking all the players, including those attending even for just a kick or tour at times, he emphasised the Warriors need an accommodation of every one with a family like fashion. Following on Macca read out the coach’s address in Phil’s absence with a rousing end……. stirring motivation for the coming years.
The first presentation for the evening was for the in-augural ‘Lingy’ award for determination for the ball and apt of the game, presented to a humbled Hewy. The second award was the ‘Top Goal Scorer’ which has been won annually forever by Scott McDonough and he did not disappoint with constant peppering of the goals with left and right snaps. The third coveted award was for ‘Best Rookie Award’ won by Anthony Papalia who had a standout season in the middle. Following on was the prestigious award for ‘Clubman of the Year’ selected by their peers and with much deliberation throughout the club. Not for on-field exploits, the Clubman award highlights and shows appreciation and gratitude to the people who have held the club together and organised crucial events, from touring, sponsorship and to the successful Grand Final Functions. In 2010 Paul Milbourne and Benedict Simpson received joint awards in recognition to their untiring efforts and devotion to the Malaysian Warriors.
As a hush fell over the guests Chris Byrt addressed the club in a ‘Dimentriou-esque’ fashion, removing the E&Y audited votes from his locked briefcase, with votes for the 22 games of the season. The votes were sourced from impartial members and included the intra club games, International Rules slugfests against Orang Eire, Manila 12’s Cup and the Asian Champs in Shanghai.
As votes were read out a game by game a summary was heard from the highest vote poller for each. As the polling continued a few recognisable names were retelling stories, the likes of Paps, Flana, Scotty, Macca, Eggsy to name a few. However after much reminiscing the second runner-up was awarded to Anthony Papalia and runner up to Scotty McDonough. The main prize the ‘Malaysian Warriors Australian Rules FC Player of the Year’ was won by a man who led by example, played all but one game, polled votes in 19 games of the season with 5 best on grounds: none other than President Jason Flanagan!!
The final award for the evening was the ‘Players Player of the Year’ with votes cast in recognition of their peers’ efforts and inspiration on field throughout the year. This was proudly awarded to Benedict Simpson who was relentless in the middle and in inspiring team mates, demonstrated on one account by his efforts in Laos with 3 third quarter goals in a desperate situation.
The Presentation Night culminated in same great laughs, between great mates with great stories of the year. And as the revellers revelled, it could be noticed that the Warriors is a special club to all involved and their antics typified the clubs motto “Every man lives, but not every man becomes a Warrior”.

Coaches Report
By Phil Lee


Very disappointed to be away for the awards night. One of my favourite nights, drinking beers with your footy mates, recognising great and improved players, but more importantly remembering what a fantastic and rewarding time this club "The Warriors" has given to us all during the year!

Hoping one of you guys can get this message out to the boys.


From a coaching point of view it was sometimes a frustrating year. We all wanted good results and talked it up but numbers on the track for training was at best poor! Due to this we went into matches with no real game plan and with a lot of blokes not having even kicked a footy in months. And i won't even talk about our fitness levels.

At this point i must thank my fellow coaches Sarge and Eggs. Sarge is a fierce competitor on the field who hates losing and he brought this into his coaching as well. He led from the front putting in the hard work and pushing the lads who bothered to turn up to training. And Eggs, i have never met a more positive giving bloke in my life. His effort in trying to get blokes motivated and on the training track was sensational. Thanks to both of you!

For me the highlights of the year were our performances in the 2 big tournaments we played in.

Manila. We made the grand final and really pushed Hong Kong hard. We had a few new young boys play and they really stood up. And Scotty the "Cougar" played some amazing footy kicking from memory 14 snap goals from all angles off both right and left foot.Including goal of the day. To bad he missed every set shot though! The day was a great team effort and we even saw the return of " Hit man Fricky" to the field. And best of all we flogged Singapore by over 10 goals in 20 minutes of footy with Jimmy "Dribble" kicking some great goals!

Asian champs China. We nearly made the top 4 only missing out by a 1 point loss to Indonesia. But clearly the highlight was a huge win in Flana's "the Pres" 100th game. What a moment that was. To bad we don't have a club song to sing during a time like that. Special thanks to Sarge's mates for making a huge effort to help the warriors out. And what a difference having a couple of blokes over 6 foot!!! And a great effort by Scotty and Sarge's big mate for making the All Stars team.

On a down note it was disappointing to lose the cup to the irish in the internationals. But clearly they wanted it more. And those guys trained!!!! I think as a club we should see what a difference a bit of training makes. The irish were clearly a better team this year due to the effort they put in on the training track.

Probable the best thing i heard during the year from a few long time guys from opposition teams was that we "The Warriors" were clearly the best Team in Asia. They were not talking about our football skills so much but more importantly what we are as a club. There is no other team around that sticks together closer, enjoying the highs and lows together. To me that's what being involved in footy is all about!!!!!

In closing I think as a club we had another great year with some good performances on the field and some memorable off field performances.

I am forever proud to be a Warrior but next year lets all try and get off our asses and get to F;;;ing training!!!!!


Phil Lee


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