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Tuesday Training – 5:30pm at Padang Merbok
Saturday Training – 2pm at Cobra

Saturday Session. This is still the main training session we want every warrior to attend. Great turn out from all accounts in the last few weeks, the coach has been praising the commitment on the field. As you may know Rixy is leaving to the fertile soils of the niger delta and is having beers at his place then out after (find out more at training).

Tuesday Session. We have led into the champs with a “kick in the park” session in the last few years. It’s a solid skills building session. Try to get out of the office by 5:30 to get to the bok as the traffic will build up after 6pm (Ramadan = Jam squared). Note there will be a few of us there at 5:30 who will be kicking until the dark, so even you turn up after 6pm (because you worked late because your important) there is still time to get in a few goals. Richmond supporters please try to get there before 6pm to practice fetching the balls kicked at goals.

Champs Details. Snakes is booking the rooms for the champs this week, check your details on the attached as we are booking on his credit card, so if you don’t turn up you still need you to pay for it. Regretfully we have resorted to Indian debt collectors before which leaves players ostracised from the club. As we all know a forward with no fingers is as good as a back with only one foot

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