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Malaysian Warriors AFL GrandFinal Event

Asian Champs 2013 - Match Results

Match ReportsGame 1 v. Jakarta
First half:
Warriors: 0.3.03
Jakarta: 2.1.13
Best: eggs, alex, scotty, digger, corey, snakes

Second Half:
Warriors: 0.4.04
Jakarta: 4.3.27
Best: snakes, alex, scotty, buma

Game 2 v. Laos
First Half:
Warriors: 1.0.06
Laos: 2.1.13
Goals: braggins
Best: eggs, matt jesus

Manila Preparation & Injury Update

NewsWarriors Players and Supporters:

Warriors have been dealt another injury blow ahead of the Manila Cup with news that Ben “Eggs” Simpson will miss the next six weeks with a ligament tear in his knee; The President of the Warriors confirmed the injury today ahead of the club's main training session this Saturday at Pedang Merbok.

This compounds the Warriors injury woes and preparation for the Manila Cup Title defense with Key Midfielders Clint Watts, Adam Kaminski and Ruckman Josh Welsh also sustained injuries during the weekends defeat by the Singapore Wombats and draw with the Cambodian Eagles.

With the emphasis at training this week focusing on The Warriors conceding losses in the past three weeks, it is not just an issue for the back six the whole team needed to lift their defensive efforts. This will be reflected on the track Saturday and focus will be on full ground defense that will be the difference between winning and losing games in the future.

Our primary focus is for the team to sticking together over the next 3 weeks and training hard, it’s about the team working together as one and really pushing that.

JUST like a counterpunching boxer the Warriors need to absorb the pressure before landing a few blows of their own against the opposition in Manila.

All Players & Supporters ensure you make your way down to training this weekend and get onboard for our build up to the title defense of the Manila Cup.

*Note* If you are injured please come down and support, turn a snagger and crack a tiger.

Malaysian Warriors vs Vietnam Swans - Saturday 30th March

NewsStarting Line-up for the WARRIORS vs. VIETNAM

With the loss of the Forward structure of Captain Flanagan and “Man Mountain” Marcus Coombes for the round 2 EAAFL clash the Malay’s have needed to re-shuffle there line-up to accommodate for the massive loss. With the home ground advantage the 16 aside game may see the hard running Warriors overcome the Swans however reports in from Vietnam are that the Swans are coming for the win and it is not negotiable.

The battle with the Swanny’s will see the much anticipated debut of Rowan Evans. The Warrior’s Assistant coach told “There were a number of things the big back man needed to complete before he would be available for selection and he has managed to do that leading into this week, Evans a certain starter if he gets through fitness test.”

On the fringe of selection is the Rookies for 2013 Callum, Jo & Will who have been lighting up the track during the intra-club matches. Callum made an immediate impact during the round 1 international rules game scoring within seconds of walking onto the paddock.

With a convincing win may see the Warriors on the Top of the EAAFL Ladder so ensure you get down to Nexus to support the team!

Starting Line-up as follows;
Forwards: Woods- Lawson-Buma-Owen
Midfield: Stocks-Watts-Di Gregorio
On ball: Welsh- Kaminski- Jobe
Backs: Evans- Weekes- Mosel- McCalman- Drummond- Braggins

Forwards Rotation: Sargeant- Sinclair-Knight-Thorpe
Midfield Rotation: Simpson-Enda-Gorham
Back Rotation: Tuckey-Youkie- Winter- Beasley
Emergencies: Mitch, ALEX, Callum, Jo, Will & Paddy/s
Omitted: Flanagan- Coombes.

Warriors defeat Orang Eire - Saturday 9th March

Match ReportsThe eagerly awaited opener between the Warriors and the Orang Eire was always going to be a tough one. Smarting from the drubbings of the previous year, the Irish had put in another solid pre-season and posed a genuine threat. In bright, sunny conditions, the Warriors put those ambitions to sleep. A.Kaminsky and J.Sinclair’s one-two opening punch saw the latter score an over while Sinclair made a tackle shortly after that K.Stocks pounced on for the first under of the match. S.Lawson, the badgering midfielder, led the next attack and shuffled a handball to the running Buma who also posted an over. And minutes later, after a desperate attempt by the Irish, the Warriors defence fed Buma again whose perfect pass found J.Flanagan at centre-half forward. Sadly, he pulled it to the right for a behind. An Irish counter-attack got as far as a half-back and it was P.McCalman and S.Di Grigorio who thwarted two attempts, saw the ball to the midfielders, who provided young debutant C.Kilpatrick with a brilliant low finish for another over. The Irish appeared as ineffective as an ashtray on Andy Lee’s Harley until a rare foray forward allowed them to sneak an unlucky under. P.Woods was taking big marks up at half-forward and helped Prez B.Simpson to a valuable over as the Irish replied with a measley point. J.Mosel, busy at the back, produced a fine pass for Kaminsky who steered an over through. S.Job and Simpson were combining well with M.Coombes to give Flanagan another set shot from the pocket. Uncharacteristically, the skipper pulled it left again. Points were exchanged after that but midfield stalemate was broken by the call for the first break.

First Quarter Warriors: to Orang Eire

Auskick is back in Malaysia

When: Saturday morning 9.30am to 10.30am (with kick to kick after for those who are keen and Dad's)
Starting Saturday April 20th through to September 21st with a break in the middle for school holidays (dates tbc)

Where: Seri Hartamas Local School (opposite Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas)

Who: Girls and Boys 5 and up (little ones welcome to have a kick and a play to get to know the game) and lots of Mum's and Dad's please!

Too find out more on Auskick and how to register please click the Auskick logo to the left or click here.

Warriors Vs Orang Eire - Saturday 9th March

NewsWarriors Players and Supporters

BIG GUNS Corey Weekes, Andy Knight and Lee Beasley will sit out the Warriors Vs Orang Eire this Saturday at Desa Parkcity Field on Saturday, but the Warriors have included a number of other important players in their squad.

James Sinclair, who has recovered from pre-season injury, “Eggs” Benedict Simpson and Shaun “Digger” Di Gregorio have all been picked to play their first game for the year.

Small Dynamo Kurt Stocks is also back after overcoming a hamstring injury he suffered in the club's first interclub contest.

The Orang Eire have put on record that the Warriors will not be as strong as they were in 2012 and that the Orang Eire expect to take the first game of 2013 with ease.

Team list is as follows with us limited to 12 aside for this first of five International Games against the Irish. The team starting line-up is based on ability and experience with the round ball to ensure we go into the first break with a strong lead. As the game structure is quite fast paced there will be excessive rotations during the day and interchanges will not be capped.

Goalkeeper: Stealth

Two Full Backs: Macca, Jimmy & Mozzy

Two Half Backs: Stuart & Lawson

Two Mid-Fields: Woosha & Snakes

Three Half Forwards: Booma & Eggs

Full Forwards: Flanna© & Sinclair


Full Backs: MattO & Kohgulavanen.

Half Backs: Kurt

Mid Fields: Digger & Paul

Half Forwards: Marcus & Baggins

Full Forwards: Woods & Luke

TBA: Thorpe, Mark, MickD, Mitch, Alex, Matt Hutchings, Keety, Sooky, Phil (SAF)

Not Available- Corey, Rowan Evans, Lloyd, Lee Baez (Inj - Man Hole), Andy Knight (Inj).

Match Report: Warriors Vs Tigers (23-Feb-2013)

Match ReportsWritten by Michael D'Oliveiro

After a heady 2012, a few would have thought the mighty Warriors would have had a hangover to recover from. From the opening bounce, it might have seemed the case. The Thailand Tigers showed their renowned spirit and vigour in midfield, getting to the ball first on several occasions. After Jason Flanagan narrowly missed his early set shot, the Thais forced a turnover and the free kick against Mitch Booker brought a fine running goal from the Tigers. This seemed to sting the Warriors into action and Booker himself, who marked and kicked a long-range effort that was smartly shepherded through. Full-forward Marcus Coombes followed that up with a fine long bomb before a spell of aerial ping-pong began. The Thais forwards were desperate in their attacks but Jason Mosel took a courageous mark and teamed up well with Corey in half-back. The latter sprinted gazelle-like to land another bomb and split the sticks. Midfielders Barry Hall, Stuart Job and Clint provided more drive and the Warriors would have scored more if it wasn’t the effort of a certain bald Thai back pocket who kept clearing the pill with his driving right-footers. Veteran Paul McCalman put in a sterling effort in half-back again while James Drummond and Mosel combined superbly like a just-married couple. Flanagan, Coombes and Adam Kaminsky added the minor points as the Warriors went into the early break ahead.

Warriors 3.1.19 to Tigers 1.0.6 and in front by 13 points.

A open letter in response to the alleged racism and abuse suffered by Chinese Aussie rules players

NewsWritten by Jon Hopper
President The Guangzhou Scorpions Australian Rules Football Club

As president of The Guangzhou Scorpions Australian Rules Football Club, the hosts of the Australia Day Aussie Rules carnival that is at the centre of this alleged incident I feel compelled to respond to the comments made and correct the inaccuracies in the recent Herald Sun / article "Chinese Aussie rules players suffer abuse, racism" as well as the subsequent dialogue that has ensued across various social networking platforms.

Firstly and most importantly there was absolutely no abuse or racism of any player, official or spectator during the days events and the assertions being made are completely inaccurate. The video clip that is at the centre of the issue shows a Guangzhou Scorpions player on the receiving end of some pretty serious sledging from an unseen spectator, it would be fair to say that the language used is profane and would be deemed inappropriate by many. However the word heard on the vision audio is "fat" and it is clearly being directed at a specific player, with his guernsey number being called out several times during the clip. The comment was in no way racist and most importantly in the context of these discussions was certainly not directed at a Chinese player, as is being suggested.

Malaysian Warriors vs Thailand Tigers - Saturday 23rd Feb!

NewsWarriors Players and Supporters,

The coaching staff has finalized the line up for this weeks match against the Thailand Tigers and we have decided to post the line up early for all to prepare. The line up is based on the hard work of people in the pre-season and general ability. It will be hot on the weekend and we have a talented interchange to account for the high number of rotations on the day.

Starting Lineup:

Back – Stealth, Jimmy, Gula.
Half Back Line- Moz, Corey, Macca.
Center/Wing- Watts, Lawson
Mid Field- +Stuart (VC) & ^Snakes
Ruck – *Wush
Half Forwards- Booma, Woodsy, Mick.
Forwards – *Marcus & Flanna (C)

Mid Field Reserves/Rotation- +Paul, ^Alex & ^Mitch.
Back Line Reserves- Lee Beaz (May be Injured), Keety, Andy Knight, Matt O & Matt Cummings
Forward Line Reserves- Thorpey, Braggins, Ryhs, Mark, Sooky, Eoin.
*Note* Playing Squad 30 however may be reduced on the day.

Injuries- Hilly, Rowan, Kurt, Milly & Fricky.
TBA: Nick, Dave, B. Hall, Luke Adams
Not Available- Phil, Eggs, Digger, Lloyd, James

Saturday 23rd of February, Warriors Vs Thailand Tigers at Nexus Putrajaya.
Kick off at 3pm. Be there at 2pm

Welcome to 2013

NewsHappy New Year Warriors,

Saturday Training – 3pm at Cobra (Maps Link), Note that we will continue to train at Cobra for another month before our first game Vs Thailand in february. Obviously there are a few holidays so if your in town make training, if your on holiday enjoy. Cheers to Sinclair, Rowan, and Kip for making their debut.

Australia Day at Havana following training. Manza already have something happening so we will simply join in with them. Details follow.

Warriors Calendar - We have fixed some dates for the calendar as follows.

The MABC bush fire appeal is on the 31st of January, and the Warriors will be donating a cheque founded on members donating. Details follow for the night Harbsy will be auctioning off a few warriors jerseys as well. Please attend or contribute by sending an email to milly ( detailing how much you are donating and the method of payment (Warriors Bank: HSBC, Account Name: The Malaysian Australian New Zealand Assoc, Account No: 301-154605-101, SWIFT Code: HBMBMYKL, Main Branch)

Fixed Dates
Feb 23 - Thailand Tour KL
March 2 - Kelewar Cricket 20y Anniversary Weekend / Gaelic KL Challenge (in KL)
March 9 - International Rules Game 1 Vs the Irish (in KL)
March 30 - Vietnam Tour KL
April 27 - Warriors Tour Singapore for Three Way Comp (Warriors / Singapore / Hong Kong)(In Singapore)
May 25 - Warriors Tour Manila

Australia Day/Waitangi Day drinks - Saturday, 26th January 2013

Date: 26/1/13, Time: 4pm onwards, Venue: Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang. Casual get together. No need to register. Pay as you go. Havana will be putting on some discounts and Blue Cow Cafe will supply some meat pies. There will also be an open jamming session. All welcome!

MABC AUSTRALIA BUSHFIRE APPEAL. Join us at the Australia Bushfire Appeal Fundraising on:

Date : Thursday, 31st, January 2013
Time : 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue : Banquet Hall, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Registration Fees : RM100 per person

Warriors Vs Bintangs (10-Nov-2012)

Match ReportsQ1.
W. 0.1.01
J. 2.2.14

Best. Stu, weeksy, eggs

W. 3.1.19
J. 3.6.24

Goals. Flanna, nick, mitch

W. 6.2.38
J. 4.6.30

Goals. Steve, flanna, weeksy

W. 10.4.64
J. 4.6.30

Goals. Eggsx2, mitch, nick

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